Jul 2023 

- School on Numerical Simulations in Physics & Engineering -

The SEC4TD project is supporting the XX edition of the School devoted to the challenges of “Mathematical and Computational Modelling Across the Scales”, including physical problems in micro-, meso-, macro- and multi-scale phenomena. The thematic focus is broad, encompassing contributions on modelling and numerical methods, for direct and inverse problems, with applications spanning from wave propagation to composite materials and complex fluids, from quantum mechanics to biological and building simulations.

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Jun 2023 

- a dedicated mini-symposium at ADMOS 2023 to present data modeling and monitoring activities for tailing dams - 

Mine site security is an open challenge due to the complexity of this type of infrastructure, the variety of physical and digital components, the distribution of assets and machinery and the large number of stakeholders involved. In recent years, mining operators have adopted digital components (ICT) but still use archaic/manual processes to collect and process the data. In this context, one of the most sensitive physical assets to be secured to guarantee mines infrastructure safety is Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs), which are complex structures whose physical parameters need to be continuously monitored, understood and modelled so that dramatic failures can be prevented or at least minimized. 

The objective of the mini-symposium is to overview the latest efforts for the tailing dams modelling and monitoring. We anticipate talks on the following topics: 

- Efforts at the European level to leverage advanced monitoring and modelling strategies for TSFs 

- The challenges of TSFs’ traditional monitoring and future trends 

- Methods for data assimilation and modelling of TSFs

Partners visiting the Gilów TSF to plan the development of real-time IoT-based monitoring system & computational methods for assessing and predicting dam conditions (March 2023)

Dec 2022 

- Joint exploitation workshop with EIT-RM AMICOS project @ Worldsensing headquarter, Barcelona (Spain) -

Nov 2022 

- online project meeting to check project architecture and WP activities -

Nov 2022

- Project presented at the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain -

Sept 2022 

- Project meeting in Barcelona @ Worldsensing headquarter, Barcelona (Spain) -

July 2022 

- Online kick-off meeting -